Located on Dongda Road, FaLian Temple is a young temple, which has a special origin. The precursor of FaLian Temple was the Kuan Yin Buddha worshipped at the home of Mr. ChaiFu Liu and his wife Mrs. LienYing LiuHuang. In 1982, they began to build the temple at the current address. It was completed in 1996, giving us the look temple we have now.

Established in 1962, FaLian Hall was frequented with by worshippers, burning incense endlessly. In 1982, the worshippers gathered funds and moved the temple to the current address and renamed it FaLian Temple. In the temple, they worship Goddess Kuan Yin and Di Mu Buddha. On June 19, the birthday of Goddess Kuan Yin, and July 29 by lunar calendar each year, the temple would sponsor formal pacifying rituals and religious ceremonies to celebrate Kuan Yin''s birthday. Worshippers from all over Taiwan would come and worship the goddess, making it a grand event.

FaLian Temple is a three-story building. In front of the main hall, there is a small square. On the top of the roof, it is decorated with dragons and phoenix patterns, and the gods of Fu Lu Shao (Luckiness, Wealth, and Longevity). Moreover, on both sides of the temple, there is a bell and drum tower. The architecture is grandeur in style and magnificent is appearance.

In front of the temple, there are 5 entrances. The main entrance in the middle is called as San Chuan Men, the most important door of a temple. The San Chuan Men does not provide an entrance to the worshippers. It is opened only for the gods during rituals and ceremonies, or the rich and famous.

The San Chuan Men of FaLian Temple is luxuriously decorated. In addition to a pair of dragon pillars, there are also cloud dragons chiseled on royal stone path slanting between the ground and the base.